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The Vantage business jet offers a unique combination of performance, comfort, safety, and state-of-the-art proven technologies. Imagine this combination along with significant price and operating cost advantages, allowing the Vantage to reach a much broader marketplace than any previous business jet. Read more…

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The Vantage design was conceptually created by founder, Jim Rice. Then Rice engaged Legendary Aircraft Designer, Burt Rutan to build the Proof-of-Concept aircraft to be followed by over 100 engineers working on the CAD drawings and final refinements ultimately leading to a defined design. Read more…

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FLY SMART – LIVE LIFE !! Its not as much about an awesome Single-Engine Business Jet with the right mix of speed, range, comfort, and affordability as it is about providing a solution to allow affordable and flexible transportation from where we are, to where we need or want to be. Read more…

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At an introductory price of $2.25 million, the Vantage combines performance and luxury with unprecedented affordability. Incorporated into its unique design is the ability to transport six to nine people at over 400 mph with a range of over 1,500 nautical miles with the ability to use runways as short as 2,500 feet. Read more…

We All Dream

We All Dream – Remember as a kid, we were always being told that you cannot do this or that – you can’t play ball because your too small… Well that’s all changed who said you can’t play… VisionAire Jets has developed a business jet that is changing the game and making the field bigger to allow many of those whom thought they couldn’t play to play. That’s right imagine enjoying the benefits of an Affordable Business Jet that is $1 – 2 million less than the other aircraft in its class, as well as 30 – 50% less in operating costs.

Dreams are what changes our lives, they inspire us. But Dreams are just Dreams until someone or something comes along and allows us to make that Dream a Reality.

Well VisionAire Jets and its founder, Jim Rice, have a Dream and a Vision to make Business Aviation affordable to a much broader base of companies and individuals. And VisionAire’s Dream is becoming a reality and that reality is not only going to change Business Aviation forever, its going to answer the Dreams of people all over the world. The ability to fly, to get from where we are, to where we need or want to be in an affordable and comfortable business jet will change the horizon of Business Aviation.

Competitive Vantage

Lower Capital Investment – The Vantage is priced at $2.25 million, more than $1.5 million less than the acquisition price of the least expensive new comparable cabin-class business jet currently on the market equipped with the same avionics. ( Price includes initial training for both pilot and mechanic.)

Much Less Expensive to Operate and Maintain – Operating costs average 40% less than comparable business aircraft. Less downtime is required for maintenance and standard checks due to inherent reliability and easy access to operating systems. Both parts are paramount to serving the customer, and with this in mind, VisionAire Jets is teaming up with recognized service organizations around the world to provide superior service and on-time parts delivery. Fatigue resistance of non-corrosive composite materials further reduces the need for expensive repairs. Additionally, the fuel requirement for the single Williams FJ44-3AP engine is far less than other aircraft in the Vantage’s class.

Unprecedented Speed and Range for Aircraft at this Price – Travels at over 430 statute mph (375 knots), with a high-speed cruise range of over 1,500 nautical miles (1,725 statute miles)

Access to Most Small Airports – Offers short take-off and landing capabilities (2,500 feet runways over a 50 foot obstacle at maximum gross weight), providing access to literally thousands of small airports not available to other business jets. This can be quite an advantage with 59% of United States runways being 3000 or less.

Comfort – The Vantage is designed to carry six people (5 passengers) in executive-class comfort. The cabin provides leather upholstery and other luxury detailing, including “club” seating arrangement (to facilitate business meetings) and a private aft lavatory. The Vantage will be offered in other cabin configurations allowing upto 9 people.

Flies “Above and Around the Weather” – Cruises at altitudes up to 41,000 feet, allowing flight above or around storm systems.

Extremely Reliable and Economical Turbofan Engine – The Williams FJ44-3AP is based on the proven engine technology of the FJ44 family. Renowned for both their high performance and rugged reliability, the FJ44 series is credited with more than 2.5 million hours of flight. The FJ44-3AP is Williams International’s newest and most cost-effective model in the series with an overhaul interval of over 4,000 hours.

Over-the-Fuselage Engine Intakes – The intake design is intended to reduce the risk of foreign object ingestion during takeoff and landing.

High Glide Ratio – In the improbable event of engine failure, the Vantage could safely glide from an altitude of 30,000 feet for 77 miles, remaining aloft for 37 minutes, to land safely on a strip as short as 2,500 feet. (In the United States, airports are, on average, located within 18 miles of each other east of the Mississippi River and within 27 miles west of it.- NBAA)

Low Stall Speed/ Low Landing Speed – Further reduces probability of occupant injury if forced to land in difficult circumstances. Single engine aircraft slower stall speeds are actually considered safer than many existing twin-engine configurations, which provide hard-to-manage asymmetrical thrust in the event of an engine failure.

Very Simple to Fly – Pilot error is the leading factor in accidents. As such, the Vantage is designed to be a very simple aircraft to fly. The Vantage’s simplicity and ease of operation significantly reduce the probability of accidents due to pilot error. State-of-the-art avionics systems are standard on every Vantage aircraft.

Proven Composite Airframe Construction – The Vantage will be a composite, cabin-class business jet to be FAA certified (2020 time frame). Constructed of woven carbon-fiber filaments compressed with resin in a unique manufacturing process, carbon fiber has proven to be lighter, stronger, and more durable than its metal counterparts. Composite construction for various aviation parts is in use today and has proven to outperform metal aircraft counterparts due to its fatigue and corrosion resistance. With an all-composite airframe construction and design, the Vantage will be the first business jet to make full use of this technology.

State-of-the-Art Avionics System – Capitalizing on tremendous improvements in avionics technology and architecture during the last ten years, the Vantage avionics team is working in conjunction with Garmin to bring the highly regarded Garmin G3000 avionics suite to the Vantage.


Designed for the right mix of Speed – Range – Comfort and Affordability – The VisionAire Vantage is designed to provide a platform for a broad array of customers whom expect the best in comfort and performance while still appreciating the value of a single-engine business jet.

The Vantage design provides a luxurious cabin providing spacious club seating with the ability to expand from 6 seats to 9 seats to accommodate a variety of flight missions. In addition, the Vantage includes an aft lavatory (depending on interior configuration) with hard doors allowing for privacy and comfort not always available in this class of aircraft.

This immaculate design rivals the looks of jets costing twice as much and provides the comfort and productivity amenities needed to prepare for that meeting enroute and then celebrate in relaxation on the return trip.

The Vantage wraparound cockpit incorporates the fully integrated Garmin G3000 Touchscreen Avionics Suite. This powerful suite provides the pilot with the latest state-of-the-art technology providing additional elements of safety and easier to manage workloads.

The combination of a single-engine composite aircraft utilizing the latest technology, along with the relentless dedication of Jim Rice and his team of engineers has allowed for the development of an aircraft with the right mix of speed, range, comfort and affordability. This combination positions the Vantage to be the greatest market disrupter seen in the aviation industry in years.

The Vantage will soar at levels with the airlines while maintaining exceptional speed and range and the ability to land at numerous airports that the other business jets in its class cannot. The Vantage is capable of landing on runways as short as 2500 feet. This is huge for a business jet – allowing access to many towns and locations that might otherwise require landing at an airport that is an hour or more away from your final destination. This involves valuable time wasted, as well as additional expenses incurred with rental cars, layovers, etc.

VisionAire’s innovative design allows the Vantage to be produced at a price that is $1 to 2 million less than its closest competitor, as well as operate at cost that are approximately 30-50% less that other aircraft in the same space. So I am sure your thinking, what am I not getting. Well that’s the best part when you roll us out on the tarmac beside of the competition the Vantage shines in most all categories and exceeds in some of the most critical performance areas that are deemed instrumental when purchasing an aircraft.

Value Proposition

FLY SMART – LIVE LIFE – Imagine if the world had access to a Business Jet that is not only functional but is also affordable to a much broader array of businesses and individuals – while providing all the performance enhancements of aircrafts that are more than twice its price and more than 30 – 50% more to operate. VisionAire Jets has developed an aircraft that does just that, providing an unparelled solution to business travel and the best overall value of any other aircraft in the marketplace.

That’s right, we will begin selling aircraft in the near future – but even bigger than that – we will begin providing a solution related to one of the most precious commodities in our fast-paced society, TIME. Our minds are constantly spinning “How do I find more time?” and I have to ask “What is your time worth?” – “What is a day worth?” – “What is a missed opportunity worth?” – “What is time with your family worth?”

Its all about Time versus Return, Utilization of Resources, and Quality of Life and that is why VisionAire Jets developed a solution to allow you to FLY SMART – LIVE LIFE. And VisionAire provides that solution to both businesses and individuals alike. We provide a logical and feasible way to be able to see that client face-to-face in an overwhelming time of digital communication and diminishing relationships. We provide that person who has a vacation property or family 1,000 miles aways with a feasible way of increasing their Quality of Life.

The Vantage’s luxurious executive class cabin incorporates the latest technology and amenities providing the passengers with not only a relaxed experience but also a business climate for those productive days where one more hour with the team will insure the deal is closed – before celebrating with a relaxing return flight home arriving in time for dinner with the family.

FLY SMART – LIVE LIFE with VisionAire Jets…

Trip Analysis
Hickory, NC    to    New York, NY    to    Richmond, VA    to    Hickory, NC
Finalizing a Deal in New York and Opportunity Meeting in Richmond
(Meeting Length = 3 hours (includes cab ride)  —  4 Team Members (max. 8 hrs per day) @ $50/hour)
(Includes Overnight Expenses (Hotel & Meals)  —  Does not include cost of missed Opportunities)


(Est. Trip Hours)


(Est. Trip Cost)


(Est. Trip Hours)


(Est. Trip Cost)


(Est. Trip Hours)


(Est. Trip Cost)
At the end of the day, where are you?   Are you sitting in a hotel room 600 miles away from home or are you eating dinner with your family getting rested for a productive day back in the office. Not only will the Vantage be a productive tool for most businesses and individuals but it can actually be one of the best investments you can make.

Do the math – you should be asking yourself “can I effectively do business without a Vantage” rather than “how can I afford to operate a business jet”.
Based upon the above Business trip with 2 meetings – a company doing similar trips every week would save approximately $250,000 over the cost of using the airlines.


Vantage Schematics – Front View and Side View

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Vantage Performance Specifications – Performance Information (subject to change during further development and FAA Certification)

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Vantage Preliminary Design Specifications – Design Information (subject to change during further development and FAA Certification)

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Vantage Standard Features – Avionics and Flight Instruments – Other Features (Options and Upgrades will be available prior to FAA Certification – subject to change during further development and FAA Certification)

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