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Based in Newton, North Carolina, VisionAire Jets, LLC provides innovative aircraft solutions to the aviation industry. With its flagship product, the Vantage, the Company is targeting a gap in the general aviation market between high-end piston-driven and turboprop propeller airplanes and the more expensive light-class business jet aircraft, which represents a large, fast-growing and under-served market. VisionAire Jets is combining the proven aeronautical design of the Vantage with today’s advanced technology and materials to construct the ultimate business tool. To date, VisionAire Jets can declare numerous significant Vantage program development milestones, including:

▪   Defined Design after extensive market research and 17 initial design iterations

▪   Introduction of the Vantage by display of cabin mock-up at an National Business Aviation Association convention

▪   Successful development and first flight of a Proof-of-Concept (POC) Aircraft

▪   Over 500 successful flight hours and 350 flights logged by Proof-of-Concept Aircraft

▪   Development of FAA Certification, Quality Control, and Manufacturing Plans

▪   Previously secured 155 escrowed deposit orders for the Vantage

▪   Preliminary Production Design, Comprehensive Design Reviews and Enhancements

▪   Extensive CAD drawings for Manufacturing and Tooling

Specifically designed to be a cost-effective alternative to high-performance piston, turboprop and light business jet aircraft, the VisionAire Jets Vantage is the first composite business jet to fly that combines low acquisition price, low operating costs and the comfort of an executive-class cabin with aft lavatory, together with many other highly valued performance features. In fact, the Vantage is a whole new class of business aircraft (as stated in the “National Business Aviation Association Tribute to Business Aviation”) designed explicitly to meet customer needs.

At an introductory sales price of $2.25 million, the Vantage combines performance and luxury with unprecedented affordability. Incorporated into its unique design is the ability to transport up to six people (1 pilot +5 passengers) at business jet speed in comfort and do so at maximum cost efficiency. The result is an aircraft that will fly at a cruise-speed of over 375 knots (greater than 430 miles) per hour, with a seats-full-range of over 1,500 nautical miles (more than 1,725 statute miles), in the comfort of an executive-class cabin. In addition, the Vantage possesses the ability to use airfields with runways as short as only 2,500 feet and has an operating cost that averages 30 – 50% less than comparable business aircraft available in todays market.

In summary, the Vantage enjoys significant advantages compared to other business aircraft available in the market as follows:

▪   Performance – The Vantage is designed to reach extraordinary performance levels for speed, range and efficiency

▪   Comfort – The Vantage is designed to carry six people in executive class comfort, including a private aft lavatory

▪   State-of-the-Art Technology – Performance is made possible through the use of proven aerodynamic, structural, engine & avionics technologies

▪   Value – The Vantage will provide exceptional value for its owners due to a lower capital investment and lower operating expenses

Program Plan and Development Phases

VisionAire is currently in the Final 4 Phases of Program Plan for Development and FAA Certification of their flagship aircraft, Vantage. Pre-Sales are anticipated to begin in 2017 with deliveries beginning upon FAA Certification.

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VisionAire Jets stands on the shoulders of substantial investments that have positioned the program with a “Defined Design” and a Proof-of-Concept plane that has flown over 500 hours of flight testing allowing for us to move into the final phases of development and certification.
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